Adrienne Bailon Got Her Stolen Laptop Back, But Pics Emerge Anyway

The New York Daily News has more details on Adrienne Bailon’s bottomless picture scandal, with the star apparently falling victim to someone who obtained her laptop from her luggage cart at JFK International Airport last week, demanding $1,000 for its return. When the 25-year-old sent her family to recover the computer, there was never any exchange of identification, according to her apparent rep, gossip blogger Jonathan Jaxson. “They didn’t really want to question it further,” Jaxson said, adding that the Bailon is “absolutely distraught” over the photo leak. Read more.

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One thought on “Adrienne Bailon Got Her Stolen Laptop Back, But Pics Emerge Anyway

  1. Cate says:

    She should have had Phoenix FailSafe. I hear that service allows you to remotely retrieve and erase files on your laptop if it is lost or stolen, even through your cell phone. The thief might not have gotten it in the first place. A word of advice for other celebrities who may have naked pics on their laptops! Haha!

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