Adrienne Bailon ‘Rep’ Backtracking, Says He’s Now Her Ex-Friend

When Jonathan Jaxson had been making the rounds with the media claiming to be Adrienne Bailon’s publicist, it seemed pretty suspicous, given that the person runs a gossip blog that frequents in speculation about gay celebrities. Now, after giving interviews to TMZ, the New York Daily News, and other outlets, the blogger appears to have spoiled whatever relationship he had with the member. “My blackberry was hacked into this afternoon and shockingly the only things that were deleted were all my conversations with Adrienne and Kim Kardashian,” Jaxson said on his web site. “Interesting… AND for the record, I am not Adrienne’s publicist, simply WAS a friend.” One doubts he made that point clear when contacting the media in the first place.

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