After Paulina Dethroned Thalia, Thalia’s Career Follows Paulina’s

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Ever since Paulina Rubio dethroned Thalia back in 2000 as the Queen of Latin Pop, Thalia has done nothing else but to follow Paulina’s footsteps. They both released an album that year, but Paulina’s over shadowed Thalia everywhere: on the radio, on TV, on awards ceremonies, at clubs, etc… Paulina released her self-titled album “Paulina” and Thalia released “Arrasando.” After Paulina’s first single was released, everyone quickly forgot about Thalia’s album, and “Paulina” became a global hit and was the biggest selling album on Billboard’s Latin chart.

Thalia’s next move was to release a self-titled album like Paulina to make it more personal and help get her back in mainstream. She made sure it had the same producers as Paulina’s hit album. “Thalia” (her second self-titled album) had only mild success. It wasn’t anything out of this world. Next, Emi, Thalia’s company, kept releasing albums after albums every year to remind the public about Thalia’s old hits, but too many greatest hits albums were damaging for the artist. The public got tired and were not responding.

Paulina released an English album in 2002 titled “Border Girl” and it achieved Gold certification in the U.S. and worldwide it had some success. She was in magazine covers all over the world and it made her the second most photographed female in Mexico next to Salma Hayek. It gave her the opportunity to achieve a wider audience and be more international (she was already international with her Spanish album). Then in 2003, Thalia released her English album “Thalia” (third self-titled album) and it tanked. Her website assured a “full impact” but it was nothing more than a dull impact.

The next year in 2004, Thalia had planned to release yet another “Greatest Hits” album in late March, but after Paulina’s album had a release date, Thalia changed hers for the same date as Paulina’s. Big mistake! Not only was Paulina’s album #1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Album chart, her single “Te Quise Tanto” had surpassed Thalia’s single and was also #1 that same week. Paulina’s album has remained on the charts for months, while Thalia’s album quickly disappeared off the charts. It has received various nominations across the world such as a nomination for the American Music Awards, a nomination for the Latin Grammy Awards, and one for Grammy Awards. “Pau-Latina” was produced by producers all over Latin America, and it was composed of different Latin sounds and beats. Thalia is planning to release another Spanish album in 2005, and she is also planning to get producers from across Latin America.

While Paulina is climbing up farther than Thalia, Thalia is slowly following Paulina but her efforts are not up to Paulina’s level. If Thalia doesn’t concentrate on being original, her popularity will continue to go down. Not only is she losing her fan base in music, she is also losing her connection with the general Latin public. Notice how her magazine and clothing line at K-mart have also bombed!

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11 thoughts on “After Paulina Dethroned Thalia, Thalia’s Career Follows Paulina’s

  1. xx says:

    Oh,Paulina Rubia isn’t better than Thalia..You Paulina fans should get over it.. Everybody knows that Thalia is way better than Paulina.. I don’t beleive that article..i beleive what I see in real life..Paulina is a failure.Not only her crossover album failed,her Spanish albums aren’t selling!

  2. jonathan says:

    THALIA has sold more than 20 millions of records worldwide…

    While Paulina nearly 6 millions of record worldwide…

    THALIA: Worldwide Sales: 20 million.(THAT SAID EMI MUSIC)
    PAULINA: Worldwide Sales: 6 million.(THAT SAID UNIVERSAL MUSIC).

    THALIA is much better than Paulina.
    you’re wrong…
    THALIA is famous in EUROPE and ASIA, Paulina is not and wont.

  3. mobbishlove says:

    Jonathan, do your HOMEWORK!!!!! Paulina sold over 20 million. Even if it hurts you to the core….Your Thalia is NOT original are you blind, dude.
    Have you seen the interview…she is trying to look like Maria del Burrio, but instead she is and looks old. I don’t think the people are stupid to fall for that, I hope not…Thalia it’s time to retire let the fresh blood shy, my dear….check please!

    Primera Fila. I don’t now how people are willing to purchase and lesson to her chicken voice


  4. cyranodebergerat says:

    Paulina is synonymous of TALENTS, HARD WORK, BEAUTY AND SPICE,,,,,For 20 year she was the golden girl….My queen of Latin pop.

  5. frablo1984 says:

    stupid blog…you should be the one doing homework. In every aspect Thalia has edge. beauty,fame, talent, connection, lifestyle and attitude. Paulina always flaunt sexy image but Thalia transition always into something better.

  6. Maria says:

    Paulina Rubio is more famous than Thalia! She is everywhere. Even in America. Which is the most notable place for superstars! Paulina Rubio’s English songs are played in American clubs and American radio! Thalia, is not. Paulina is on tons of magazine covers! Thalia has lost!

  7. Mark f. says:

    I think people should get over this feud! It’s over! They both have said to want to end it. And that there is no more hard feelings. They both are Latin superstars! And both are beautiful women! They both are huge successes! I think the media fueled their fight, with lies of what each other said about each other! Everyone should realize they should stop choosing sides, because Paulina and Thalia aren’t even bitter with each other now!!

  8. Clarisa Velderrain says:

    This old post is creating more bias than ever. Myself being from Mexican origin, I had the chance to live outside Mexico, and during my grad studies in Japan, I could realize through my acquaintances about the popularity among both stars.

    Without a doubt, Thalia is more familiar to different countries. Paulina is a huge icon in USA, Spain and Mexico. However, outside of it, nowadays she is keeping her job as just “having an image present in the market”. You see, she is doing The Voice and X Factor, good for her.

    However when it comes about legacy and international projection, sometimes it is irritating that my Thai, Indonesian or Filipino friends constantly remark me that “they do know Thalia and her novelas”, or Greeks, French, Turkish mentioning their nostalgia to the hit “Amor a la Mexicana”, or that Thalia is the only female with selling records certification in Japan and South Korea. That is legacy. Plus, Thalia does not do big concert tours, and still her latest albums are the most selling records in her native Mexico, including a Diamond.

    I am fan of both since they were in Timbiriche group together. However, Thalia has known the way to maintain an avant-gard career, taking as much advantage as possible of her projection through telenovelas, and selling “Spanish” albums in non-speaking countries. As a Mexican, I feel proud of that success.

    Paulina, on her side seems more opened to interact with new generations of artists in the international scene. Nevertheless, her selling power is not as strong as it was during the decade of the 2000s. And her tours always present deep critics in her low quality, use of playback or off pitching. Still her music is bubbly, sticky and modern. 20 million albums.

    Thalia officially has sold 40 million albums, and soon will get her own Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, not even Salma Hayek has one, and Paulina I doubt she is far to be nominated for such recognition.

    Thalia is not the big star as Shakira, but her name is known, and not only in Latin America, but as well in the most remote places in the Middle East and Africa. I feel more proud of her legacy as a Mexican than Paulina.

    Paulina is trendy. What Thalia and Paulina cannot stop is to be in the spot of scandal of their personal lives. As celebrities they both failed, these scandals usually have caused them to lose credibility.

    But finally, my iPod is full of their songs, and I like to show them off wherever I go, I am pop girl, and their songs are great.

    Their careers have taken different paths, one now sells more the other, but the latter appears on scene more than the other.

    Enjoy them, the way they are.

  9. Jamilla Montes says:

    Thalia is more famous than Paulina, because she got a multi diamond in the Philippines for sales exceeding 1 million copy of NANDITO AKO album, and Thalia is holding a Bestselling album of all time in the Philippines in number 1 spot… check this….

  10. pauliputa says:

    This is just a simole.piece of shi**, this.mean nothing. Worthless… either you like it or not, #Thalia is the bomb!!!

  11. Mark Trent says:

    Ummmm this article is and will always be a lie…
    Thalia has outsold Paulina by a wider margin world wide
    Thalia is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, mogul/business woman, actress and singer
    Paulina a singer?
    Thalia has more RIAA platinum certifications in the US alone than Paulina
    Thalia’s networth alone without Tommy is $70million while Paulina is at $35million
    Paulina has an arrest record, is constantly in and out of court and supports Trump
    Thalia doesn’t…
    Thalia has the overall more successful career up to date with a recent platinum album and record breaking numbers with video streaming (Vevo You Tube etc.) and was just honored at the Latin Grammys as well as headlined the Premios Lo Nuestro awards last night. It’s now 2020 let’s be realistic here.

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