After Praising Robbie Williams, Aguilera Doesn’t Recognize Him

told Sara Cox on her Radio 1 Breakfast show the other day that he was humiliated after Christina Aguilera failed to recognize him. “Do you know what she did that was really funny? She used to say that she fancied Robbie Williams,” Robbie said. “We bumped into each other a few times and I thought she was very sweet and I shook her hand and she came over and we said Hello. Months later I walked into a club in LA and I tapped her on her shoulder and she looked up at me and I went: ‘Hiya’ and she went: ‘Uh?’ And I went: ‘Robbie’ and she went: Robbie who?’ ‘Williams – Robbie Williams from Stoke-on-Trent.’ I feel very, very small now and she just played it off like she didn’t even know who I was. It was horrible. There I was, being made to look an eight-year-old idiot in front of her.”

Gets Crafty With Paparazzi

November 13, 2002 – Robbie Williams recently stopped by Capital FM in London and explained what he was recently photographed wearing a mask. “I think if I go to work and I go into a radio station and there’s loads of paparazzi and loads cameras outside then fair game. But if you’re in your house and there’s six outside all day – every day, which is what happens, then it’s a bit unfair,” Robbie said. “So what I’ve been doing everyday for the last couple of weeks is when I come out of my house I put this mask on and wear the same clothes because they can’t sell the same picture twice. So eventually they’ll disappear from outside my house, and that’s all the mask is about.”

Robbie Wasn’t Always Taken With ‘Feel’

November 12, 2002 – Radio 1 reports Robbie Williams admits he wasn’t always taken with his latest release ‘Feel’. “That song was written a long time ago, like years ago,” Robbie said. “I’m really proud of it, don’t get me wrong, but I only started liking it when everybody said ‘aww that one’s great’. I said ‘oh is it? We’ll record that one then’.”

Posh Kidnap Plot Scares The Life Out Of Robbie

November 11, 2002 – The Mirror reports Robbie Williams has admitted to being petrified after the recent kidnap scare former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham went through, especially following his big record deal with EMI. “It really scared me, really scared me,” he says. “My record deal and all that business has not been much of a secret – this has scared the life out of me.”

Robbie Releasing ‘Feel’ A Week Early

November 10, 2002 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams’ first single off ‘Escapology’ — ‘Feel’ — has been bumped up a week, from December 9th to December 2nd, in a move to avoid a battle with Pop Idol or Blue, who are releasing Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word with Elton John on the 9th. “As popular as Robbie is, he can’t be sure he could see off Gareth and Blue. Bringing it forward a week seemed the only option,” a source revealed. Read more.

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