Aguilera Bored With Pink; Doesn’t Need Madonna’s Support

In an interview with Germany’s Bravo magazine, Christina Aguilera has again upped her feud with and added a backhanded remark about Madonna. “I think now Pink simply acts unnaturally,” Aguilera sneered. “Her rebel thing starts getting boring to me. Do they still believe her? Well, not me!” As for the Material Girl performing with her rival Britney Spears, instead of perhaps herself, Aguilera says, “It might sound arrogant, but I don’t need her support.” She explained, “I still admire her today for what she has achieved. I’d like to have a career like her: sing, act, become a mother someday – however, with one difference – I would like to be successful as an actress, too!”

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11 thoughts on “Aguilera Bored With Pink; Doesn’t Need Madonna’s Support

  1. single_female_lawyer says:

    Oh that was harsh Aguilera…..we need to be more nice don’t we. I thought her and pink are friends?? hmm I don’t know. You are still the best singer honey:)

  2. hannibalistic_thought says:

    This skinny ass female need to quit. Just because Britney looks better and Madonna will have had a longer career doesn’t mean should bitch about everything. no wonder everyone hates her ugly fake ass.

  3. stan says:

    “However, with one difference – I would like to be successful as an actress, too!” OMG! That’s like… true! Madonna is the Queen of Box Office Flops! Poor Madonna trying to get a hit by using Britney! Christina and Britney will have way better careers than yours. Go home and be a mother and stop giving us sh**e musics like Hollywood and Nothing Fails.

  4. Fausto-A says:

    Don’t worry, you won’t get Madonna’s support!!! God Christina is such a wanna be diva. I hope Pink rips her a new a-hole sometime. Jealous skank and always full of excuses. So Christina tried to be a rebel and changed her style completely for Stripped but she was just being REAL, when Pink does the same, she’s boring. Such a hypocrite.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Even though I agree with her at some point this interview sounds fake to me. Yes, she doesn’t need Madonna. Just her voice will be her biggest asset to survive.

  6. Madfan says:

    Why is the hated Aguilera doing this? *She was neglected by the media after the kiss – all attention was on Britney. *Britney has a new CD…and all eyes are on her…NO one is paying attention to Aggie. *Pink met Madonna at Regis and Kelly *Pink has a new CD No matter what the bulimic psycho sats, do or wear, Christina Aguilera will ALWAYS be the Cyndi Lauper to Britney’s Madonna.

  7. breez says:

    This is so true. Christina doesn’t need Madonna’s support at all. She doesn’t need to attach a big name to her first single because her career is going down the pipes – she can make a hit single all by herself.

  8. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    True or not the girl speaks her mind more than anyone else. Some can’t accept her for being real. So… just deal with it.

  9. SexyGirl22 says:

    I don’t even believe this article Christina loves Madonna so I already know she wouldn’t diss her like that but if Christina did say that she’s right she don’t need Madonna support her voice and music will carry her and I’m really bored with pink also she’s just mad cause Christina didn’t want her gay ass.

  10. hannibalistic_thought says:

    What I never understood is, why is she called Xtina? I know its like Chris(t)mas/Mmas thing but shouldn’t she have gotten rid of the “t”? that don’t make no damn sense… damn this bitch need to quit drinking all that haterade. it causes wrinkles and she’s ugly enough as it is with all of that make-up on, looking like a clown at a cross dresser’s Halloween party.

  11. MeOn2003 says:

    As much as I hate to say this, Christina is becoming her rival——-Kelly Osbourne. She is going over the top with this whole “I’m the best” thing, and if she does not chill out, fans will do her like they did Kelly.

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