Aguilera Founder: ‘She Hasn’t Got What It Takes To Be A Diva’ reports Michael Brown, the record producer that ‘adopted’ Christina Aguilera at the age of 13 and recorded her early material is worried Christina will end up in rehab like Mariah if she doesn’t sort her life out.

Brown admits, “She’s lost — she’s from a tiny little place in Wexford where you can buy a brand new house for $40,000, and she hasn’t got what it takes to be a diva.

“She has already been screwed by a lot of people and I hope she rises above it. She’s still a nice, young girl who doesn’t really have a clue.

“I’d just like her to stay straightforward and honest and then the best will come out of it. She has a great family behind her and I hope she never loses sight of them, because they’ll keep her grounded.”

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