Aguilera Leaving A Nightclub In Hollywood

Mavrix Photo had pictures, since removed, of wearing a skull and cross bones top barely covering her boobs as she leaves a nightclub in Hollywood, California on Monday (September 23).

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4 thoughts on “Aguilera Leaving A Nightclub In Hollywood

  1. PopTart says:

    She is a tacky woman. Some one should slap her for dressing so ugly all the time.

  2. world_wide_playa says:

    I bet you lock yourself up in your room crying because u wanna look like her

    btw britneys a whore


  3. PopTart says:

    LOL! Oh yeah I want to look like that midget freak. Yeah and you want to look like Mimi from Drew Carey.

    BTW I know Britney is a whore.

  4. Lay says:

    Yikes! What a monster!!! People love to talk about if Britney has fake or real boobs but it seems as if Christina is going to be on the top of that topic too! She has grown all over….! LOL~

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