Aguilera Not Interested In Working With The Neptunes

spoke with the New York Times about her decision to have DJ Premier produce tracks on her new album ‘Back To Basics’, while taking a shot at Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo in the process. “I have no interest in working with the Neptunes,” Aguilera said. “A lot of what’s on the radio sounds the same because everyone is using the same producers. Music is suffering because nobody wants to step out on a limb and go for something different. Everyone wants to stay in their safety box,” which Aguilera said she has absolutely no interest in doing, even if it means upsetting her label. “When we played the first single for the label,” DJ Premier recalled, “they didn’t think that’s the way she should start the project. But she was like: ‘I don’t care. This is the one.’ That’s why I love her, because she doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.”

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