Christina Aguilera Overworked After Success Of Massive Debut

The Sun is profiling top divas this week including , and her struggles with an abusive father and coping with fame. The success her debut album was followed by a surprisingly long pause of three years before Christina released ‘Stripped’. Friends of the singer say she had trouble dealing with her fame. “I was ‘whoosh’ everywhere, travelling, performing, doing interviews,” Aguilera said. “I was overworked and on the verge of cracking up.”

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Overworked After Success Of Massive Debut

  1. Mimi_Red says:

    WTF??!? Could this article have any more mistakes in them…The Sun!!It says Christina had her tongue and belly button pierced, that after Stripped she had pink hair. That she battle with eating disorders…God I hate when they print lies about her.

  2. GoingUnderr says:

    “I help other women to be strong and feel good about themselves.” LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES You don’t help other women be strong and feel good. All you do is make them whores, because that explains why are ya fans are whores or either gay. We don’t need your help b!tch. You make us look cheap and e-z with your cheap empowerment songs. Like where some piece of ass, well Doh! your fans are.. shame pity on them, they don’t respect themselves and be comfortable. Little hookers!

  3. right_wing says:

    Firstly, why does she always try to make everyone feel so sorry for her? Does she think she is the only person in the world who has been “on the verge of cracking up”? Why was the work she was doing harder than any other celebrity trying to promote themselves? And why does she think she is the only one to have ever been through abuse? Thing’s have happened in everyone’s lives that hurt them but we deal with it the best we can and try to get on with our lives, why can’t she do the same? I feel bad for her but don’t you think it’s a little pathetic she’s telling everyone like she is? Like she wants everyone to feel sorry for her? And Secondly, I agree she does not help women feel good about themselves, why do you think there’s so many people with eating disorders? Because of people like her who prance around with their tits and arse hanging out.

  4. cwaaft says:

    Christina has said this several times in interviews. It’s odd though because Britney had a much tougher schedule the Christina and she survived. She even flourished for over 4 years before she took a break. I guess a lot has to do with your internal drive.

  5. Lil_Shant says:

    I hope you guys realize that this is all stuff that has been said in the past… and yes there are LOADS of mistakes. she’s not saying this stuff NOW its all stuff that the sun has dug up from interviews ages ago.

  6. Daz76 says:

    This information is old, she said this in interviews when she was releasing Stripped, about a year ago, Lol @ The Sun!

  7. promisemewings says:

    Christina DID get her tongue pierced. She got it pierced not too long ago. And that was one of the spots she said was “too played out and too sorority girl” for her, too.

  8. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    She’s always complaining… Jesus god, man. She hasn’t helped anybody except herself and her mother.

  9. hotstuff says:

    self centered biatch. boo hoo, waah waah my life sucks, fame is harsh so cry me a f**king river. go take a walk down the streets at night, wait I forgot you already do. but anyways ways, go and look at the homeless, those on drugs and then tell us how BAD you got it. oh and the last thing I would call Stripped is massive or successful.

  10. hellahooked says:

    Christina always talks about the music….. right I know it’s old but she acts like we asked her to help us which we never. She always bitches about every little thing, what a total bitch. and Xtina-Dirrty yeah I’m sure, Christina is such an icon! LOL whatever

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