Ahmad Elatab Describes Nights At Neverland

Fox News Channel interviewed 17-year-old Ahmad Elatab who has spent time with friend and his mother Hanadi Fattoh about the child molestation charges against the singer. Elatab insisted that Jackson was innocent saying that the singer “had love in his heart”.

Michael Jackson’s Book Writing Plans

November 24, 2003 – New York Magazine hears that David Vigliano recently flew to the ranch to meet with Jackson about a book of his memoirs. Vigliano also reps and the Pope. The plans were to have an autographed limited edition released initially, with a mass-market version to follow. Read more.

Sightings Everywhere

November 24, 2003 – Timothy McDarrah of The Las Vegas Sun reports that despite reports from other gossip columns that seem to know where Michael had stayed or when he left, there are conflicting reports everywhere. Amongst the gossip, he was in seclusion at a private residence in Spanish Hills, he was in a suite at the Palms, he was heading back to his Neverland ranch in California to meet with his lawyer, Mark Geragos, that he hiding out, without his children, at a Regency Towers penthouse apartment on the grounds of the Las Vegas Country Club, and that he was staying at The Boulders, a Phoenix resort.

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3 thoughts on “Ahmad Elatab Describes Nights At Neverland

  1. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    My sisters friend’s cousin has a friend who has been staying with Michael for the last 5 weeks. Most of the family never even knew he was going, because it had to be kept secret. The guy has said no bad things about Michael!!! Hes 17 so he’s not easily manipulated, like ie. a 12 year old. MJ does have love in his heart and it breaks mine that this is happening again! Well, congrats on the UK #1!! FREE MICHAEL!

  2. Jive says:

    ^ I agree with you. Michael Jackson is just in a cycle of bad press that he cannot get out of. That is why it’s easy for people to go against him because he is different and that 1993 allegation. They should know him better before passing down judgements.

  3. devon22 says:

    He’s beyond the range insiders have said Michael is interested in (about 7-13 years old). It is also a fallacy to conclude that because MJ did not molest the particular visitor you’re talking about he has not molested ANY visitors. A teacher at my old elementary school molested young boys, but he didn’t molest every boy put in his class. He liked a particular sort of boy. It turned out he was molesting 1 or 2 each year – boys who were his “type” and had home lives up enough they were easier marks. The teacher was also very funny and popular. I’m really not trying to brand MJ guilty without trial. It’s just that this sort of talk worries me that a jury that happens to have MJ fans on it will ignore hard evidence and testimony because they don’t want to believe anything bad about one of their heroes. Lord knows, MJ will already have all the advantages money can give in the courtroom.

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