Aizlewood: Backstreet Boys In ‘Terminal, Neglectful Decline’

John Aizlewood of the London Evening Standard slammed the after the boy band’s concert at Wembley Arena Thursday (October 20) in London, England. Aizlewood said the group were “an act in terminal, neglectful decline. Their choreography was sloppy, their harmonies under-utilised and their patter feeble: Nick Carter introducing ‘Just Want You To Know with’ ‘does anyone here know what “sphincter” means?’ was neither big nor clever.” Read more.

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3 thoughts on “Aizlewood: Backstreet Boys In ‘Terminal, Neglectful Decline’

  1. Smile says:

    It wasn’t clever for the magazine to have this guy review this concert. He obviously went to the concert biased and wasn’t going to like it. They should have given a ticket to somebody else to review it. It’s funny that this guy wants them to go back to having a high production show where they are flying over the stage yet other critics were telling them to stop with those things. Talk about people never being happy. I saw the BSB in August and they were great so I doubt they were bad at this show.

  2. cham says:

    Reviewers suck. Fans rule and know all. :)

  3. april says:


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