AJ Doing Solo Album, Kevin Bringing ‘Chicago’ To London

Contributed by elgato:

was in Louisville, Kentucky yesterday to set up his own recording studio there. Fox News interviewed him and bhank from the Backstreet Boys forum at LiveDaily.com pulled a direct quote from the broadcast. The reporter asked him: “And the real big question-what’s going on with the Backstreet Boys?! What’s next?” Kevin responded, “Well, as you know I’m busy-I just finished the Broadway musical ‘Chicago’-I’m getting ready to do it in London. Brian’s enjoying his brand new baby boy. Nick is doing another solo project. AJ is recording a solo project. Howie’s recording a solo project. But we’re not broken up and when the time is right and we’re all focused as a group-we will do another record.” So, all the guys minus Kevin will release solo album, probably all this year. Meanwhile, Kevin will be working on acting gigs like Broadway and possibly movies.

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