AJ McLean Approves Of Nick And Paris’ Romance

Contact Music reports Backstreet Boys star has given his approval to bandmate Nick Carter’s new romance with Paris Hilton. “They have a really good thing going right now,” McLean said. “He is 24 and just out there, having fun. I think she is the perfect girl for him right now.”

Bad-Ass Bass Sticks Up For Paris Hilton

January 21, 2004 – The New York Post reports defended her honor of Paris Hilton after the heiress’ porn tape co-star Rick Solomon got into an argument with ‘The Simple Life’ star at an Xbox Live party at the Motorola Lounge in Park City, Utah. Paris stomped across the room and starting dancing with the star. The next thing anyone knew, Bass walked over to Solomon, deliberately bumped him and spilled his drink. The two men reportedly had words before Hilton’s posse left. No word what Hilton’s Backstreet Boys beau Nick Carter had to say about the incident.

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3 thoughts on “AJ McLean Approves Of Nick And Paris’ Romance

  1. SelenaY143 says:

    Wait a minute, Nick’s not 24. Well, not yet. I think the reason why AJ’s saying that is because he’s the one who told Nick to “go for it.” lol But, ugh, I doubt the whole romance thing will go on forever.

  2. syko04 says:

    I think its good that he approves. I bet a lot of people are telling him that it ain’t gonna last. he rite now just needs some support, esp since he’s going thru family problems. people, he’s going through hard times so he needs to have fun, relax its ok, its not your life. stay out of his.

  3. SelenaY143 says:

    ^ lmao I love your fake email and you’re right though. Maybe Nick’s doing this because he is having tough times with his family. Yeah, maybe he just needs to relax and have fun right now. I guess that might be stressful for him.

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