AJ McLean Gets His Head Back

Contributed by elgato:

Many fans wondered what happened to AJ’s head in the Backstreet Boys group photo on the home page of BackstreetBoys.com. His head has been replaced. The editor of the site sent out a message to fans saying, “Dear BSB fans, This is a general response to your concerns about the new site, and the BG image of the group, without AJ. This has been an oversight on our part, as the images that have been used were of a series of images that were available to us, and without our knowledge of the alteration to the group photo. We are now aware, and will make the adjustments, along with other features and additions to the site, posting this coming week… Please forward this message to your other fan group contacts as well, and thank you for your support.” View AJ’s new head at BackstreetBoys.com

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