AJ McLean Gets Props For Being A Pet Lover

Contributed by elgato:

In Touch Magazine says, “To those who don’t know the Backstreet Boys’ personally, the sight of the cigarette-smoking, scruffy, heavily tattooed, ‘baddest’ of the boy banders as a presenter at the wholesome Genesis Awards (honoring animals and the people who work with them), seemed like a mismatch. But last year, AJ, a devout animal lover, jumped at the chance to introduce the touching film tribute to 9/11 search and rescue dogs. Later this year AJ will lend his angelic singing voice to ‘The Big Fixx’s Rock ‘n Hole’ concert and golf tournament to help raise money for animal rescue efforts. He’s already helped Harle, a Chihuahua-pug mix from a shelter that didn’t have the funding to house the dog for an extended period.”

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