AJ McLean Is Hopeful Kevin Richardson Will Return To BSB

Billboard magazine caught up with the ahead of the October 30th release of ‘Unbreakable’, where AJ McLean remains hopeful that departed member Kevin Richardson will return to the veteran boy band. “I really think he’s going miss it. I really do,” AJ said. “Some of the guys you could ask and they’d probably tell you the total opposite. Me, I really believe he may come back.” As for the group’s reduced profile from their heyday in the late ’90s, Nick Carter insisted that’s not such a bad thing. “We don’t have these huge, massive releases anymore,” Carter said. “Some people ask us, ‘You guys have another album?’ That’s kind of a cool place to be for the Backstreet Boys. In a sense, we’re very underground.”

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One thought on “AJ McLean Is Hopeful Kevin Richardson Will Return To BSB

  1. richard says:

    well I think Kevin will return someday n I hope he does because I really miss him in the group n their songs sound different without him so0o Kevin pleaze comeback we all miss you

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