AJ McLean & Sarah Martin Attend Kathy Griffin Christmas Party

Contributed by elgato:

According to DLS, “AJ attended Kathy Griffin’s annual Christmas Party, on last Saturday, Dec. 14. Her party is a well-known event with celebrities. It was hosted at Kathy’s house, in L.A. at 2pm. AJ chatted with Kathy’s mom, who made him to taste her famous Swedish meatballs, and told him how she slaved in the kitchen for hours making them, when in reality, Kathy said that she buys them from the restaurant of IKEA Store. lol Sarah was also present, and she called AJ ‘Daddy McLean’ once again, as she did when she was performing at the Mint, on Sept.7, 2002. They also danced together.” Read on for more on the Backstreet Boys star.

I also got a scoop: Aj said that he can’t wait to do another Johnny no-name tour, but that this time, he wants to make it into a 18 year old and up show. If you are younger than 18, don’t bite the messenger, I’m just repeating what he said. He is also anxious for all the other issues in regard with the record company, their lawsuits,… to be settled.

He also said that it felt good to perform on stage again at the Animal Avengers.

Kathy’s party was a black tie event, so everyone had to look glamorous! Aj and Sarah looked great, as usual!

Aj seems to have no difficulty mingling with people. He is easy to talk to, and he’s also very funny. Sarah has an amazing sense of humor too, and she seems to be his “rock”. When he looked a little anxious, she would hold his hand, and then, he was back to normal.

Aj told the story of one of their dogs (I don’t recall if it was Serenity, Daisy, or Tank) had brought him an unusual present, a dead gopher, and all 3 dogs had to get a rabies shot, just in case.

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