Alanis Morissette Denies Gaffe In Peru

has denied saying “thank you Brazil” at the end of a concert in Peru on a posting at her official website. The singer stated on Monday (October 6): “Something that I had no intention of responding to or commenting on because it was comedic to me was the story about my having said ‘thank you Brazil’ in Peru. There is no question that I can be a flake like the best of them. I can claim that I’m disoriented, discombobulated, drunk, flakey and all of the cousins of those words in moments throughout my life. The part that inspired me to write however, is not so much how I came across in these misinformed pieces of news that have traveled across North America with such speed as to come across as something that actually happened and matters (neither being the case), but that it traveled around at such speed and with such tenacity with it being entirely untrue. My thought is that if it can happen with something as silly and innocuous as this, that news in general is something best to be considered as a potentially fictitious option, rather than as fact. This is not something new, I’ve always thought this, but this last couple of weeks, when I’ve listened to countless people tell me, ‘Wow, must be hard to have fu**ed up in public like that eh?’ all across North America, I’ve really had it further nailed in (incidentally, I said ‘thank you, bless you’ at the end of my show in Peru (the amount of bigness and love in the room floors me at times) and not ‘thank you Brazil’).”

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