Alanis Morissette Discusses Earth Hour On ‘Larry King Live’

was spotted leaving CNN’s Los Angeles bureau, after an appearance on ‘Larry King Live’ on Wednesday (March 25) promoting Earth Hour. Watch footage below.

Asked why she was participating in the Saturday event asking people to dim their lights across the world for an hour beginning 8:30 PM, the singer songwriter said, “I just want to inspire as best as I can in people’s hearts their own activism on behalf of the planet that sustains and animates us.”

Asked if she thought this would work, she responded, “It depends what the intention or the agenda or the goal would be. Really, it’s to start the discussion and inspire people to reach out to our government, to encourage people to vote within the Senate, and have the president sign a bill that could really, you know, help the cause and shine a light on a cause that is, you know, I think one of the most important causes. There is no other thing to talk about if there’s no planet upon which we can live to do it.”

As for how Alanis herself adopts a green lifestyle, she told Larry, “I have solar panels and I compost. I design jewelry, so using sustainable methods to cull the gold to put into the jewelry. And then on a more public level organic cotton t-shirts for merch, the materials used for the CDs.”

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