Alanis Morissette Is No Longer A Workaholic

On ‘Under Rug Swept’, produced the entire album on her own for the first time, and she wrote and recorded enough material to fill 2003’s interim CD/DVD release,
‘Feast on Scraps.’ On her new effort ‘So-Called Chaos’, however, she knew how and when to pull back enough to make the writing and recording process a more enjoyable experience. “In the past, I had workaholic issues,” she tells Reuters. “Over the last couple of years, I’ve really worked toward balancing my life out more, having a little bit more time with friends, family and my boyfriend. There was a period of time when they were way down the list. It was all about music and touring and if everything fell by the wayside, so be it. Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen the fulfillment and more consistent joy I have when I’m more balanced. I didn’t want to be in the studio at four in the morning every night.”

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