Alanis Morissette Is TRL’s ‘Mystery Guest’

Well how much of a mystery can it be when fans outside have 20 foot banners prepared outside and conveniently have the biggest fan selected to correctly guess she is the mystery guest? Anyways, Alanis was on today to talk about the new album ‘Under Rug Swept’ as it dropped today and she revealed plans for a tour beginning in the U.S. in May and June. Read on for a transcript.

Fan: Did you just recently put out an album?

Carson: Mystery celeb did you recently put out an album.

Fan: Yes is it Alanis Morissette.

Carson: Are you Alanis Morissette.

Alanis: Yes.

Carson: Oh come on out. It’s nice work. There she is “Under Rug Swept” just came out.

Carson: Certainly it is not Julia Roberts.

Carson: You look shocked.

Fan: I’m like a huge fan. You have no idea.

Carson: Since you are such a big fan — hold on, kids.

Carson: ‘Sorry they always do that.

Alanis: That’s okay.

Carson: Great to have you hear. I know you are such a huge fan but did you buy the record.

Fan: I went out and bought it at midnight.

Carson: What do you think.

Fan: Incredible and I love it.

Carson: Anything you want to ask her?

Fan: How do you think you’ve grown. I know you produced this album yourself. How did you think you’ve grown since then?

Alanis: Stretching, trying things musically and trusting myself in the

Carson: As a fan do you try to listen to the songs over and over again
to understand what she is saying or just in the vibe itself.

Fan: With the book, lookin’ at words, listenin’ to music. I’m a musician
too and I absolutely love it.

Carson: Thanks for helpin’ us out, Lauren.

Carson: That’s cool to get a fan’s perspective, you know, who goes out
at midnight, got the record and you know that’s got to be cool to know
the you this from the kids or people in general.

Alanis: So sweet, so sweet, kills me.

Carson: Like giving birth to quadruplets this was so much yours and
you carried it. I imagine today you are runnin’ around doin’ press there
has to be a sense of relief, i would imagine right.

Alanis: Relief and release, yea kinda sharin’ something I’ve been working on creatively for a long time. Once I’m finished and the proverbial ship
sails i feel –.

Carson: You said “ship” i thought she said the “sh” word

Alanis: Sh**

Carson: oh, hair let’s watch at 8 “I’m not a girl, not
yet a woman” with Alanis Morissette, our mystery guest

Carson: on the screen and Alanis Morissette, you haven’t been here in a while.

Alanis: It’s been a while.

Carson: What do you think of, you know, our little home here at TRL.

Alanis: In here or up there?

Carson: Either. We were talkin’ about all of the billboards.

Alanis: The stuff going on outside.

Carson: Tons of that. If your record company wanted you to have a gigantic out there would you be okay with that, as long as it was in good taste.

Alanis: As long as it represents oneself I guess all of the intention
behind somebody but it is interesting to see what is going on in this society right now I’m totally blown away by it.

Carson: How much have you been abreast of things going on? How satisfied have you been I this work that came out today.

Alanis: In the music you mean?

Carson: In the album itself.

Alanis: Very much involved, very much so. I spent a couple months away from it now with objectivity and clarity but while i was in it i was deeply
in for sure.

Carson: I know you were at the Olympics how was that.

Alanis: Amazing.

Carson: What is Salt Lake City like?

Alanis: Beautiful. Crazy in some senses in that everyone is there from
over where.

Carson: A lot of Canadians?

Alanis: A lot of Canadians and a lot of everything

Carson: Pickin’ up the gold. Did you go to events?

Alanis: Yeah,to the Czech Republic male hockey game then the female

Carson: Of hockey?

Alanis: Yeah and some speed skating but the hockey is so artistic and
gorgeous, different a little than the NHL

Carson: Yeah that’s just the fighting. Roll down a bit for “Hands Clean”
them me about the selection in the first single what the song is about?

Alanis: A dialogue of sorts, the verse — the person who the song is
about is speaking to me and in the chorus and the bridge i speak to him
in the present tense.

Carson: Yet you wrote both sides.

Alanis: What I think he will say.

Carson: More fun for you or him.

Alanis: For both. Any time you write a song it clears things up for

Carson: And we mentioned 26 songs, why 11 that made it?

Alanis: While I was mixing I listened to a bunch of songs every time
I got to 11 I was spent and heard enough of me so that was the magic number.

Carson: Seems like you were buying a puppy, you align a puppy, do you feel bad about the other ones? Where are the other songs?

Alanis: You do not ship them away or go to the humane society they will be shared at some point as puppies.

Carson: They will go to a nice home.

Alanis: Yeah.

Carson: Alanis Morissette. More with her and the rest of the top to
and — 10 when we return to TRL on MTV.

Carson: And welcome back t the heart of it all times square MTV’s TRL,
top 10 most requested music videos. Jeff Probst will be out in a bit we’ll
retire backstreet boys and spending time with whose album
“Under Rug Swept” just came out

Carson: I can promise you, as you see there. All right settle down. You write and everything is so personal, from such a personal place then I would imagine after x-amount of albums people in dissecting your lyrics like Lauren mentioned feel they must be painting a picture and know you. What is the biggest conception about you.

Alanis: I don’t think people quite know the extent of my dorkitude

Carson: I love that. That is the art of being a dork.

Alanis: Yes.Yes.

Carson: Like you are goofy like the rest of us right?

Alanis: Yeah, ha-ha

Carson: What do they think because of the nature of the lyrics you are
very serious and prophetic and what?

Alanis: And just always introspective which i can be very introspective
but can be really disgusting and maybe don’t tap into that when I’m writing songs.

Carson: Give me an example of your dorkitude.

Alanis: Uhm, I can’t think think of one.

Carson: Make goofy noises, pulling pranks.

Alanis: Physical humor. I’ll get a really Bad Bruce to get a really
great fall.

Carson: Really you are a sacrificial. David outside has a question.
Go ahead, buddy.

Fan outside: I was curious about your song “Hands Clean” I know about a bad relationship you are in. I was just curious if you are in any other
relationships right now.

Alanis: Million. Do you mean a romantic one?

Fan outside: Possibly.

Alanis: I’m considering, yes, delving further into it with someone I
just met.

Fan outside: Okay.

Carson: Is that good for you Dave.

Fan outside: That’s perfect. ‘Love you.

Alanis: Love you — love you.

Carson: Do you want to ask her out thank you David. You must be nuts and I woke you you are “Behind the Music” Letterman last night Rosie and
us. Is this a horrible time for you to do all the press, are you looking
to get out here, will you vacation.

Alanis: No I just got back. I feel it is a fun time. I get to meet people
and chat with them and philosophical discussions.

Carson: Very nice.

Carson: Before I let you go what can you tell us about the tour, people
are going to want to see you do it live.

Alanis: We’ll be live i think May-June we’ll be through America.

Carson: Thank you nice to see you. “Under Rug Swept” it is out and available. What can i say? Let’s watch Blink 182 at no. 7 called “First Date” on TRL.
Thanks again to Alanis.

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