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Ottawa native, visited ABC’s The View Thursday March 21 to discuss her new album which was three years in the making entitled ‘Under Rug Swept’. Co-host Lisa Ling asked “Do you ever as you are writing think I am going a little too far?” Morissette answered “When I first started writing Jagged Little Pill I had a bit of fear in terms of sharing it but when I’m writing it I’m not censoring myself. Certainly as the years have gone on the more transparent and authentic I have become the less fearful I have been and certainly the more liberated I’ve felt.”

Morissette continued on to say “I think the scariest truth to face often times is the truth you speak to yourself in those quiet moments when you are alone so I wasn’t really prepared to do it until now and I just wanted to write for the sake of feeling that liberation that comes from that.” Morissette performed her new single “Hands Clean”

She also identified a theme recurring through out her music of “wanting to bridge gaps between myself and other people , between the two genders and ultimately the broader version of it which is between gaps between religions, cultures and races and everything in between.”

Morissette also talked about:

Twin telepathy with her twin brother Wade – she is in tune with where he is at in life but not with specific thoughts

Past relationships with older men – she said she has “vacillated” between ages but now has “found a balance”

Hair care tips (the ladies complimented her on her “long, shiny, beautiful hair”) – “clean it, brushing it is good,.. I don’t wash it everyday-

and returning home to Canada to “Get off the radar” and leave behind her workaholic ways and get back to being her “Canadian self” and appreciate the cultural differences between the US (and LA) and Canada.- one difference is that Morissette had to learn to be more forth coming with information about herself and not always “wait to be asked.” She wrote 11 songs while at home.

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