Alanis Morissette Reaches Into Personal Life With ‘Flavors’

spoke with Cole Haddon of CityBeat about her new album ‘Flavors of Entanglement’, which has seen the singer songwriter grow up considerably in between the release of ‘So-Called Chaos’ in 2004, which Alanis admits she hit “rock bottom,” going through a “personal unraveling of a couple of very significant relationships in my life at the time.”

“(‘Flavors’) reflects some serious disassemblings in my personal life, and it’s sort of far-reaching,” Morissette explained. “It reaches into my professional life. It’s like a breaking, or a broken moment captured, and then, I like to think, a phoenix rising. It allowed me to hit rock bottom in a way that I never done before. I’d always sort of bottom-dwelled, but I never really bounced off the bottom. The best news of all for me was that there is a bottom because I used to think that emotions were bottomless and, if I didn’t calibrate it, that I would be eaten whole. So now that I know that, when I surrender, there’s a bottom and I can bounce back up. I realize the only thing that there is bottomlessness to is joy. That’s a pretty big revelation for me.” Read more.

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