Alanis Morissette Sets June 10th Release For ‘Flavors Of Entanglement’

has announced a June 10th release for her new album ‘Flavors Of Entanglement’. Co-written and produced by Guy Sigsworth (Bjork, Imogen Heap), the album is Morissette’s first original studio release in four years. “I often write in retrospect, but this was written in real time,” Alanis said in a press release. “This record helped me through some fragile moments. Every song was like a life raft.”

“There’s not another artist-male or female-who can take you on the kind of emotional journey that Alanis can,” Sigsworth said. “She has this ginormous, super-massive, planet-eating emotional range. She goes all the way-10 on the Richter Scale-and we’re at the epicenter with her as she sings whole worlds into existence. She can be raging and hostile, distraught and desolately heartbroken, glowingly nostalgic, sensual, breezy and self-deprecating-all in one album.”

Morissette will be hitting the road in June for a worldwide tour that begins in Europe, to be followed by a headlining North American run in the fall.

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