Alanis Morissette The Huge Turn Off Earth Hour PSA

Alanis Morissette does a PSA for Earth Hour filmed an in-flight PSA for World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour event, clipping her toenails while discussing Earth Hour, taking place on March 28th at 8:30 p.m., with the goal of having hundreds of millions of people in more than 1000 cities in 80 countries around the world will come together once again to make a bold statement of concern about climate change by turning off their lights for one hour – Earth Hour.

With their light switch as their ballot, millions of people across the country and around the world will cast a vote for action in the first global election on climate change.

Watch the public service announcement below.

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17 thoughts on “Alanis Morissette The Huge Turn Off Earth Hour PSA

  1. Gregory Hansen says:

    Hello dear Gemini! I have made a personal commitment to casting my vote 3-28 at 8:30 pm. I’ve posted to my Facebook and will spread the word. I am in the process of creating a template to jump from, as you have being an artist, and I intend on spreading the word on so many worthwhile causes to so many. Thanks! Your Friend, Gregory Hansen

  2. Katie says:

    You can count me in on the 28th! I just wanted to say I have never been as turned off by you as I was when I watched this PSA. Mission accomplished! Lots of love, Katie

  3. Janie Leite says:

    Our family has voted, Saturday 3/28 @ 8:30 we will be without power. Candles and Yoga are on our agenda! Sounds like a nice relaxing night to me :) Maybe we can do more then just one night. Thank you~

  4. Jessica says:

    Earth Hour is on 28th March 2009 from 8.30pmt to 9.30pm IST. It is a global fight against climate change and global warming and India would be participating for the first time this year.

    To take part in this event, all you need to do is switch off your lights and all other electrical appliances for an hour on 28th March from 8.30pm.

    To support this event, sign up at

    Alternatively, you can support this event on orkut at

  5. janie says:

    Alanis you rock

  6. Juan says:

    That dude is so funny he rocks

  7. JONNNIE MO. says:

    Funny doesn’t even begin to say how crazy you are .
    I love your turn off advisory . I assure you I follow
    you in everything you fight for . Your cause is my
    cause . I really laughed again because of you . You’ll
    go far in comedy . Think of me when you want to laugh .
    You really do ROCK !

  8. gisela sanchez ( argentina) says:

    hi Alanis I love you!… much thank you
    so much for your concert.

  9. Andrew says:

    Has anyone caught the irony of a rock star flying a fuel guzzling jet asking us “little common people” to make a sacrifice and conserve energy??

  10. Milu Aman says:

    Go Alanis Go…

  11. Earthship Biotecture says:

    We are with you Alanis! come out to Taos, NM and visit!
    we get all of our electricity from the sun and the wind… but will tell everyone we know! ;-)

  12. alejandro londoño arboleda says:

    hi Alanis! I’d like to know why didn’t you come to Colombia..we are really great people too…thank you so much for helping me to soft this xtrange life through your music..
    I love you. You are god’s music..bye bless you

  13. ozgrrl says:

    ..ha brilliant..yep Alanis you got turn off correct..I was told to keep quiet while I cringed and made noises to express my revolution.. go you..and go Sydney Australia for bringing this to light..yes it originated from Oz..

  14. KARINA (PERU) says:

    hey!!! Alanis here in Peru we all together switched off the lights.. also I was in a gay pub with my girlfriend and there they put candles so it turned more romantic jeje xD while we were with the cause… I love your music since I was a little girl.. The government house here also switched the lights

  15. lisa says:

    live off the land……peace

  16. fernanda says:

    This is what sticking your foot in your mouth really means.

  17. lisa says:

    Just think if the whole world would switch off just for say an hour…….

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