Album Sales Don’t Make You A Better Artist

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I am one of the people who complain about essays but I need to say this because I didn’t have enough room in a comment. A lot of people seem to believe that selling millions of albums make you a better artist and means you’ll be around for a long time. I’m sorry but people who believe that are apparently extremely confused and stupid. At the end of the day Album sales don’t really mean anything, except more money for the artist and the record labels.

I was reading an essay about Christina flopping again. Someone was comparing her albums sells to Britney’s album sells again. Apparently people spend more time auguring about sells instead of the actual music that is made. Britney has sold more albums than Christina so what?! Christina’s albums have all been critically acclaimed. She has changed her image and expanded her fan base unlike Britney, who still has the same sheltered fans who don’t want to grow up and be adults. Much like their idol. Britney’s songs could have been written by a 14 year old girl, there is absolutely no depth to them whatsoever. Shall I bring up “Not a girl, Not yet a woman”?

Britney’s album success is not because of talent but because of publicity, and not even good publicity. Her personal life sells her albums, not her actual musical talent.

Now this isn’t just about Christina and Britney but a lot of artist that get compared in albums sells and not talent. There are many artists that sell millions of albums but won’t be around 20 years from now and there are people who haven’t sold millions and WILL be around b/c the make music because they love to and there fans love them. Think about all the artist who have sold millions of albums and are no where to be found: Vanilla Ice, Milli Vanilli, Baha Men, Fiona Apple, En Vogue, Blackstreet, O-Town, TLC, 98 Degrees, Mc Hammer, New Kids On The Block, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Ricky Martin, and any of the American Idols…, etc., and there are so many more. Many people who sell millions of albums don’t stay around and there are many artists who DON’T sell millions but are around for years because they love their MUSIC, and FANS. They don’t do it just to make money.

Everyone has a bad record, or single. Not everyone can be #1 all the time. No matter how talented you are. has flopped numerous times but no one compares her to anyone. Britney albums may go to number 1 but they don’t stay on the charts for long and every album she has released since her debut has sold significantly less than Baby One More Time. Doesn’t that make her a flop? Mariah, Whitney, Prince, Michael Jackson, even Christina have all flopped but their talent will keep them around for many more years. Britney wouldn’t be around 20 years from now b/c she hasn’t mastered how to reinvent herself like her idol Madonna. And believe it or not I don’t think she wants to do this anymore.

I’m just saying throwing out useless facts like album sells doesn’t mean sh**. It’s the actually material that will carry them for years to come. So before you call Christina or anyone else a flop because her DVD (a f**king DVD) hasn’t been selling well (and in America if you didn’t know; the economy is kinda bad b/c of the President. so people’s money is tight) think about all the artist who came before her who have flopped and moved on (or are moving on) or the artist who sell millions and won’t be her next week.

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One thought on “Album Sales Don’t Make You A Better Artist

  1. DLGUITARGUY says:

    I could not agree with this guy any more excpet for the artists that sell steadily and consecutively less than their debut albums and them being considered a “Flop”. These artists, while might not capturing the glory of their debut and selling less with each album, are still performing for a living and often are leading great lives and American Dreams. Not always but often.

    However, I completely agree with the point this guy is making and I’ve said the same things again and again. ALBUM SALES REALLY DON’T MEAN SH**!! Usually, it is about publicity and promotion: TV, radio, magazines etc. There are some amazing talents out there that won’t even get a record deal and it makes me sick. the labels have the money and the power to make what THEY think is good a hit act; hence, all the GARBAGE that we view and listen to constantly.

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