Alesha Dixon’s Brother Reveals Their Hellish Childhood

News of the World spoke with the brother of former Mis-Teeq star about how the singer dealt with a horrible childhood that included her mother subject to beatings from a string of creepy boyfriends, going to bed starving without food in the home, and being subject to racist taunts from bullies. “We were glad to see the back of some of them because they used to beat our mum up on a regular basis,” Mark Harris told the tabloid. “We had to walk on eggshells at home for fear of causing trouble. Around the time our brother John was born, and Alesha was just 10, there was an altercation between Mum and her boyfriend. The guy started to attack her so she legged it out of the house. I’ll never forget seeing her running down the street, him leaping on her and breaking her ribs with the force of his body weight. We were watching from the window and Alesha and I were screaming at him to get off our mum. That time she ended up going to hospital but the guy didn’t leave and the violence just continued.” Dixon is currently starring in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, the British version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’. The full story at has since been removed.

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