Alex Bach, ‘Alex Bach’

I stepped outside today
Realized why you left
And I learned that it
Was not my fault
No more tears to cry
No more anger held inside
And now I know that I’m all I’ve got
One day
I will finally believe
That it just wasn’t meant to be
Oh, one day
You’ll be breaking down my door
But I won’t be around anymore

With those words, Alex Bach ushers in the new world of pop music. This song, in its third week, hit the #1 spot on . . . OVERALL. That’s one hell of an achievement, and after listening to this track, I understand why Alex was the one to do it.

Her voice . . . how can I describe it? It’s like an angel with enough attitude to keep us listening but enough gentle sense to subdue us with her voice. Sliding lightly over the guitar music she plays, her voice rings clear and after one listen you’ll understand . . .

It doesn’t hurt that Alex is a great musician. Her guitar music could fit in with the best of today’s “major” artists. She’s proven that with her solid takeover of the charts. I feel sure that soon, if she’s not already signed, Alex’s phone will be ringing off the hook with offers of contracts. Of all the people I’ve heard recently, she deserves it.

Listen to “Anymore” by Alex Bach! Do something with your day that you’ll actually remember later!

Added: June 22nd 2002
Reviewer: Robert

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