Alex Kelly ‘Catalyst’ Video

Alex Kelly in her music video for 'Catalyst'

Alex Kelly is out with the music video to her new single ‘Catalyst’, off the New York electro pop artist’s first full-length album ‘Orange Circle’. Alex collaborated on the dance rock album with pILLOW tHEORY frontman Kelsey Warren and GCR Audio engineer Justin Rose.

Me – “Fun candy coated pop music to lift the spirits…”

“‘Catalyst’ is a song about true love,” Alex explains. “The story is about two lovers who are so into each other, yet for some reason cannot be together as often as they’d like. Kind of like a Romeo and Juliet type of relationship. The song expresses the female characters desire for the next encounter with her beau. When I wrote this song I based it on a personal relationship of mine. The lyrics are excerpts from my journal.”

Watch the Bruce Bohman directed video via YouTube below.

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