Alexa Ray Joel: I Do Not Use My Parents’ Connections At All

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexarayjoel) on Monday (April 19), discussing the two new songs she put up on her player, ‘Hideaway’ and ‘All I Can Do Is Love’, as well as more thoughts on bloggers who have been giving her grief. The daughter of singer Billy Joel and model Christie Brinkley writes:

I’ve decided to NEVER google myself again- EVER!! Those bloggers are just way too hostile and cruel on there- OUCH!!!! I can’t help but wonder: “why do they feel so much hatred towards me?”, “why do they want to believe I’m just some trust-fund baby with no voice or talent of my own?”, “why do they feel the need to call me ‘homely'” and constantly compare me to my mother’s looks, when I have a completely different look and vibe than her? I hope one day they realize that I do NOT use my parent’s connections AT ALL, and that I got the ‘Prell-Gig’ completely on my own, and I’m making this record on my own terms without “Daddy’s Help”. And that I am a real and genuine girl who wouldn’t want to hurt a fly, I just want to spread kindness, authenticity, and good music…. hey, and I have feelings too!!

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