Alexa Ray Joel Recording ‘Invisible’

Alexa Ray Joel talks about 'Invisible' is out with footage from the recording of her new song ‘Invisible’.

“I’d rather have a really gorgeous vocal tone and do a few little things that are really important at key moments to get the emotion and then leave it straight, because it is such a strong melody to me,” Billy Joel’s daughter says in the video.

The song is currently available as a free MP3 download on her website, Watch it via her YouTube channel below.

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One thought on “Alexa Ray Joel Recording ‘Invisible’

  1. Mitzi says:

    I wanted to know where I can purchase a mp3 download of this song “Invisible”? It was on website, but its no longer there to where I can download now! Thank you for your help! I love your music! Thank you!

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