Ali Landry Was Never Told About 98 Degrees Kisses

Quddus hosted MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday where Ali Landry was the celebrity guest. Ali touched on her work with in the ‘I Do’ video, revealing that she was never informed of the fact that she’d have to kiss all of the guys in the video, which she didn’t appear to happy about having to do. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: But let me remind the audience were you in the 98 Degrees video
“I Do” right?

Ali Landry: That’s right, I was.

Quddus: How you did hook up that role were you friends with the guys?

Ali Landry: The director was Wayne Eichom, he called me and wanted to
do the video but I did not know I had to kiss all of the guys. I did not
find out ’til I got there.

Quddus: Were they good kissers, was it that bad did it feel like work
kissing those guys.

Ali Landry: Kissing for me is a very big deal so, you know, a bit of
a surprise.

Quddus: At the end of the video how you did feel about hookin’ up with

Ali Landry: Yeah, I marry Screech in the end, another surprise.

Quddus: Wow. Cool we’ll talk with her a bit more after no. 8. Do you
like J.Lo?

Ali Landry: ‘Love her.

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