Alice Cooper Moves On From Britney Spears To Paris Hilton

Jude Cole of ‘Extra’ caught up with Alice Cooper for a Q&A and asked the rocker what he’ll be doing on his new tour to shock people. “I don’t think you do,” Cooper responded. “I think what you do now is you entertain the audience, and you use shock tactics. Britney was pregnant, so we weren’t going to cut Britney’s head off again. We did that last year, you know. So who walks right into our sights? Well, Paris Hilton. And is anybody not tired of seeing these divas with these little Chihuahuas in their purses? I said, ‘What would happen if the Chihuahua went for her throat?’ So we do a song called ‘Sunset Babies All Got Rabies.’ She’s on the floor beating this dog, and the audience is dying laughing because everyone wants to see that.”

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