Alicia Keys Didn’t Want To Clone Mariah Carey

The Daily Record reports Alicia Keys is giving details as to why she turned away from Columbia Records to sign with Clive Davis and J. Records. Keys says, “It was so frustrating when they wanted me to turn in to a clone of Mariah Carey or .I wasn’t interested in doing something like that. I had to be myself.” Keys added, “They wanted me to be something I’m not. I’m not the high-heel and cleavage type. That’s why I love working with Clive, he lets me be myself.”

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2 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Didn’t Want To Clone Mariah Carey

  1. tjy says:

    you could not be Mariah Carey even if you did want to she look batter then you she sounds better then you you wish you could be Mariah know one will now you name in 2012 but Mariah people will know her name forever until the end of time

  2. qwe says:

    I am a big fan of Mariah Carey, but have to admit that upon recently listening to Alicia Keys, she has got a a very powerful sound of her own and amazing style of music. Would definitely say that she’s up there with the tops

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