All Eyes On Christina Aguilera

John Norris of MTV News sat down with to get her take on ‘Back to Basics’. “I’ve really been through a lot,” Aguilera said. “I’ve been through a lot of pain… I feel like I’m mending my past and I feel like I’m making it have a purpose.” Watch the interview at

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6 thoughts on “All Eyes On Christina Aguilera

  1. Musikfanatic says:

    You can really tell that she put a lot of thought, emotion, and hard work in to this album. Like it or hate it, you have to give props to the great effort. The songs are well composed and have good musical structure. Can’t wait for the album!

  2. hellahooked says:

    I won’t give her props because it sounds like it only took her 2 weeks to record’, ‘the piece of sh**

  3. divinah says:

    Whether it sells or not, the point is: BACK TO BASIC is a really great CD

  4. Musikfanatic says:

    Beyonce was the one who recorded her new album in 3 weeks, Christina took forever…

    I agree, it is a great album, regardless of the sales. It takes a good ear to like it

    The songs are all different. Each song has an individual feeling and mood…

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    I totally agree with you. I’m not really a big fan of her music or her voice (she’s just a bit over the top to me), but I think she deserves credit for putting thought, emotion, and hard work into an album, something that most artists these days barely do anymore!

  6. MusicTodayBlows says:

    I hope not all of the songs have that 30’s sound like “Ain’t No Other Man”.

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