All Pop Stars Are Fake Products

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At least most of them are anyway, I will not say all of them. I mean, they come out as one thing, and then they are something totally different the next year. And I am not talking about normal growing up because that is always the lame excuse. “They were young then, they grew up and changed like every other person.” No that is bull. I don’t know one person in real life, who has contradicted themselves as many times, or changed so much as some of these pop stars. And the funniest thing is, the ones who pride themselves on how ‘real’ they are, are the ones who are the fakest. Look at Avril Lavigne. She tried SO hard to prove how punk she was, how different she was from every other pop star and that she is not manufactured. Of course nobody bough this at all even then. Within the frickin blink of an eye she all the sudden isn’t the ‘hardcore’ girl she once was. She seems to be a totally different person. Not just looks and clothing wise, but her personality, the way she spoke and carried herself, EVERYTHING about her changed. It wasn’t normal ‘growing up’ it was more of a split personality. Nothing was the same about her, nothing. Now the so called ‘anti Britney hardcore real girl’ is freaking modeling in high class fashion ads! The girl who was so anti looks, so anti pictures and fashion becomes a MODEL? That never happens. You may go from not being that into fashion, to growing to like it. But who the hell is anti fashion and then within a 2 year span BECOMES A MODEL FOR FASHION MAGAZINES!!?

She also claimed she wouldn’t ever act and she would stick to music because that’s ‘what she knows’ well its no new news that she has had several parts in some upcoming movies and was currently quoted as saying she was looking for a serious lead role like something Angelina Jolie had played before. It amazes me.

Then we go to hypocrite Ashlee Simpson. I need not go into the ‘lip-synching is out of the question’ contradiction with the over played SNL disaster that happened. Or the fact that you could see on her on damn reality show first season that she was a normal blonde valley girl, who suddenly turned herself into a wannabe grunge rock chick making music similar to the band garbage. It’s funny how fast she can change personalities and style. But she was just recently in an interview stating people shouldn’t focus on looks, and it makes her sick that these Hollywood people are so vain and look obsessed. No more than a month later Ashlee appears…with a new nose. The girl who was ‘so sickened’ by Hollywood’s look obsession got a NOSE JOB!

I shall not get into the ever so controversial Britney and Christina hypocritical remarks that would take up an entire new page. Point is, these pop stars are packaged products. They are controlled in every way. They say one thing and represent another. It is sick. I mean, are people standing in a control room with walkie talkies telling them what to say through a planted microchip in there brains? Can they not be REAL people? I know marketing is one thing, but seriously how many times can they change there opinions, looks, views, personalities? It is sick!

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4 thoughts on “All Pop Stars Are Fake Products

  1. trinione says:

    Too long to read… but I think I saw some valid points… I dunno… practically Everybody in the business is fake at some point in their career, not just the ‘popstars’… it’s just easier to point it out when it comes to them. But like the first poster said… sometimes you gotta look pass their crap if you like their craft.

  2. galleta says:

    Waa, waa, waa…’s a business, music is a business and people do what they have to do to make money in that business. Now if they have talent either vocally than its not a problem. Its the ones that don’t have talent other than stripping that bother me. Your point that popstars are packaged products is bull crap, rock stars, rap stars, hip-hop stars etc…are all packaged products for their labels and you are blind if you think otherwise. NO ONE makes it in entertainment without being a package for the powers to be. Sure some may write their own lyrics or play their own instruments but don’t be fooled they are just as manipulated and controlled as the suppose popstars you seem to want to criticize. Now there is a difference in the Reality TV stars that have began to pop up as legitimate stars those are a different breed of entertainers and they are not talented in anyway as far as I’m concerned. But true singers whether they are pop, rock, rap, hip-hop, R&B or whatever are people doing what they like to do and trying to make a living at it which is not a bad thing.

  3. BackToBasicsHa says:

    I just finished reading this, and it was interesting. You made your points, and it’s true they are controlled, but who is to say that they are being told what to do with everything that they do. I guess they do certain things that they know will be a success to their career, or that will take them to a better place. We can’t really know what they think or what they do because we don’t live with them. But yes, some of them are fake, but that doesn’t change a person’s opinion completely if it is in fact that that person is a fan. My opinion is that, Avril Lavigne, is just a dumb little girl who doesn’t know herself. Ashlee Simpson on the other hand, is someone who does know herself completely which is why she decided to even fake her personality with her hair, and her make up, and the kind of music she would sing and write, because she knew she had to be set apart from her sister Jessica Simpson, and she was clearly more successful. When you see it that way, Ashlee Simpson’s behavior makes sense. She also knows that by getting a nose job, and by getting other things done, then she’ll be “somewhat” hotter, and she’ll be more talked about. Having a nose job, might also be a issue with her self-esteem. Christina Aguilera, even as much as I like her, I know that in the beginning of her Stripped years, I didn’t like her look and I thought she was hideous, but I still loved her music. After a while, I just started getting used to her hair color being all crazy and black because it’s not like it was up to me to change it, or to give her a call and say “Hey you look ugly” So, I stuck with it. Then after a while, I realized or make came to the conclusion that all she was trying to do since the beginning was prove a point and make the double standards come out in public, and make people aware, how she was feeling, and how all women must feel at some point in their lives. Every time she has an album she tries to dress or go through that, and that sometimes looks like she has multiple personalities but I really just think that she just enjoys playing dress up, and living through her music. Which also makes sense. She pleases herself more now a days, than any other person. Notice how her music is now different, and it’s not depressing like her stuff on Stripped. That’s probably because she didn’t know herself that well even then, and was confused, and went through a lot of ***** with guys and with her issues as a child, but now, she’s married and she has a life that she had to look forward to. Britney, I think she just decided to have a baby, and get pregnant again, and have her babies close to each other, because she wants to do something like Madonna, and be a young mother. She was completely smart about it, because later on in the future, she won’t a problem and worries with her kids. Of course, Kevin is an asshole, and wasn’t stupid at all, because he got married to a superstar, and got her pregnant, *****ed her body up big time, and made her have his baby. I always thought Britney was fake, but now I think she just feels like doing whatever she wants because was tired of being controlled by her record label, and being told what to do. Now that she isn’t being controlled the choices she makes are all on her own, and she makes mistakes just like any other person.

  4. jeepgrrl says:

    Can I make a suggestion? If you are truly disgusted by the pop industry’s tactics at shoving manufactured stars and their manufactured music down people’s throats, please just stop supporting it. Don’t watch MTV, don’t listen to pop radio, and don’t vote on American Idol. Instead, go to local live music venues in your hometown. There, you will hear and see real artists, who are actually working to achieve some modicum of success. Do you think Ashlee Simpson has ever had to carry a piece of equipment in her life to a gig? Do you think she’s ever even made a real decision about her music? I saw a snippet of some footage where her father TOLD her that it had been decided her band was going to sing more back-up along with her vocals. She simply said, “Ok!” Seriously, if more people would support their local live music scene, these cookie-cutter pop stars would become a thing of the past.

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