‘Alpha Dog’ Director Defends Timberlake Over Super Bowl Breast Flash

‘Alpha Dog’ director Nick Cassavettes has shed new details on Janet Jackson’s infamous Super Bowl breast flash on the imdb forum for the movie, and what Justin Timberlake’s role in the incident was. “This is how it went down (or, of course, the info I got). JT was asked to perform at the Super Bowl and had nothing to promote,” Cassavettes wrote. “He turned down the request on three separate occasions. Finally, he was pressured by the Networks and his representatives and relented, in part because of who he was performing with, whom he had a previous romantic relationship with and whom he remained close with (ah, the plot thickens – so much for JT being a racist).”

“They rehearsed a few times and on each occasion, when he ripped the shirt, of course, Miss Jackson was clothed underneath. And of course, on the big day, she was not. (A new album coming out? Probably coincidence, although it couldn’t have come out at a better time for her sagging ratings and sales).

“And after the big fiasco, Janet was immediately swooped away by a waiting limo, while JT was left to answer questions and take the heat for over an hour at the stadium.

“Bottom line: Janet knew, JT didn’t. And even though JT is angry about being set up, he has never publicly ripped Miss Jackson. But, on the other hand, Miss Jackson has an incredible publicity machine. While JT apologized at the Grammys, Miss Jackson declined to go, even though she was previously booked, and had an album to promote. She then tried to spin it as she had been snubbed. False. Her publicity team tried to spin her non-appearance as a racial thing, and then had to retract. Al Sharpton and the black community started hinting then that JT was a racist. And so it goes.

“The truth is, from my limited perspective, JT is a kind, generous, and polite southern kid, who shows up on set without an entourage, knowing his lines, and being extremely easy to work with. He worked out for almost 8 weeks before shooting, studied the court transcripts thoroughly, and even went to visit Mr. Rugge in prison. Does that make him a great actor? No, the movie will speak for itself, and he will be judged, as all of us will. But he is an extremely affable man, and I, for one, think his performance is outstanding.”

The story at imdb.com has since been removed.

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