Alphabeat React To Official Web Site Getting Hacked

updated fans on their blog at MySpace (@thisisalphabeat) on Thursday (April 9), reacting to their official web site being hacked. The Danish pop band write:

And no … Our MySpace has not been hacked … This blog is actually written in pure boredom ! How could that happen? Boredom in Alphabeat … Well … We get bored too. It’s as simple as that … !

Yesterday people thought our MySpace was hacked too because of us making a headline going: “Who the hell are the people in our Top Friends” …

You could think: “Oh My GOD ! Alphabeat’s MySpace has been hacked and someone have changed their very pretty and nice Top Friends to porn stars or worse: sh**ty hardcore heavy bands (Who think they are hardcore)…

The truth is that our page was hacked the other day. Some guy from Turkey thought it would be fun to put his face and some weird music on it … Well … It was kinda fun … But anyway. We’re going to change that site anyway so changes will happen on soon !

Today we’ve come up with few interesting clips we found on a very underground, street and unknown site on the world wide web called YOUTUBE (Check out that site … It’s going to be huge !!!!)… The clips have got nothing to do with us actually … But they are a result of pure boredom ! … Nothing less … Nothing more …

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