Aly & AJ Visit ‘The Early Show’

Aly & AJ Michalka interviewed on TV about 'Insomniatic' and new DVDAly & AJ visited ‘The Early Show’ on Monday (July 9) to talk with Harry Smith and Hannah Storm about their latest CD, ‘Insomniatic’, and their new DVD, ‘Super Sweet 16: The Movie’.

“The show is based on the series on MTV, ‘Super Sweet 16’, and basically it’s just battle of the sweet 16’s,” AJ said about the DVD. “Who is gonna have the best performer. Who is going to look the best. It’s very, very competitive.”

Aly says the sisters “do not get along at all” in the DVD. “It was fun because we had a lot of fighting and fun scenes where we could be really mean to each other. I kinda felt guilty in the end. I was like I’m sorry AJ. I still love you.”

On ‘Insomniatic’, AJ said, “We’re excited. We’ve grown a lot in our writing and I feel like we’ve definitely been through more. We’ve been on tour a lot lately and we’ve met new people and I think it’s just given us more material to write about.”

Watch the interview via below the cut.

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