Aly On New Album, AJ On Visiting Boyfriend

Aly & AJ Michalka, seen here in Aruba while on vacation, blog about their new album and AJ spending time with her boyfriend BennettAlyson and Amanda Michalka of Aly & AJ checked in with fans on their official web site’s blog.

“Hey guys! A lot of you have been wondering why I wasn’t at the Twilight premiere with Aly,” AJ writes. “Just got back from Vail, CO. I was visiting my boyfriend Bennett there. He had a Hockey tournament. Stoked I was finally able to see him play.”

Meanwhile, Aly talked about the sibling duo’s follow-up to ‘Insomniatic’. “I have been crazy busy in and out of the studio writing and recording,” Aly writes. “We are really taking our time and not rushing this new album. Thankfully we’ve been drinking lots of Pom juice and eating way too much Halloween candy in between vocals so we are staying well balanced…lol.”

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