Alyson Stoner’s Say It Now Number Jingle

Alyson Stoner jingle posted a jingle about how to get in touch with her via phone using the Say It Now service in a video clip at her YouTube channel.

“Hey there folks, I’ve got some news. I want to share my number with you,” Stoner sings. “The only real contact information, so you know who is real and who is fakin. All you do is grab your phone, dial the digits when you hear the tone. Leave a message just for me, I promise to be listening. Such a beautiful idea. Call me from France, or Korea. Be aware, I may call back, so get ready for a Stoner attack.”

She concluded, “Always be safe. You never know who you can trust these days. But my word is good and true, so I look forward to hearing from you.”

Watch the message and the phone number below.

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