Alyssa Bernal Covers ‘ET’ By Katy Perry

posted an acoustic cover of ‘ET’ by Katy Perry. Afterward, she confessed about not being too creative with her YouTube videos. “I admire those who are like Kina Grannis, Megan Nicole and Tyler Ward. There’s just so many creative YouTube users.” Watch Alyssa’s effort below.

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3 thoughts on “Alyssa Bernal Covers ‘ET’ By Katy Perry

  1. Abdisamad says:

    Gosh her cover much more cooler than original I love Her I can’t stop seeing this video

  2. Livviee says:

    I think Alyssa is utterly amazing & I love her !!! she is inspirational :)
    And I also love the way she sings this song and I LOVE her video clip Cali Cali Cali !!

  3. Sai M says:

    Where can I download her mp3 version of this song? I’ve been looking online for ages! PLEASE HELP! ALYSSA is <3!

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