Alyssa Bernal Performs ‘Cali Cali Cali’

Alyssa Bernal 'Cali Cali Cali' unplugged

When multi-platinum artist and producer Pharrell Williams is so anxious to get in touch with someone that he contacts their high school to try and track them down, you know that there is something special happening. When that happened to singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation Alyssa Bernal, the teenager was shocked.

“They didn’t know who Pharrell was! They just thought it was some shady guy trying to get a hold of me,” laughs Alyssa. Her mother finally spotted his MySpace message and 24 hours later, she and Alyssa were on a plane from their home in San Antonio, to meet the Neptunes member and Interscope Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine in Los Angeles. “Finding a new talent like Alyssa is so exciting to me,” says Pharrell. “There are a lot of young singers out there who can carry a tune, but Alyssa is the real deal. She is a true musician with an incredible voice.”

Alyssa and her mother moved to London for seven weeks to record her debut album with producer Martin Terefe, ‘In Love Again For The First Time’. The first single ‘Cali Cali Cali’ is available now on iTunes. Listen to a performance of the song via YouTube below.

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