Alyssa Milano Successfully Sinks Hooks Into Timberlake

Insiders tell Globe magazine that Alyssa Milano started popping up at the favorite nightspots of Justin Timberlake in what appears to be a successful effort to seduce the *NSYNC star. “Alyssa was obviously trying to sink her hooks into Justin,” said a pal. “She seemed to show up everywhere he was – and it wasn’t a coincidence.”

Milano had been engaged to actor Scott Wolf, married then divorced a year later to singer Cinjun Tate, dated ‘Charmed’ co-star Brian Krause, then model Josh Shambaugh before hooking up with Timberlake. “Alyssa jumps from one guy to the next,” said the pal. “She likes the chase, the novelty of a new relationship.”

As for how Britney Spears is taking to her ex’s new fling, an insider said, “Britney might be hurt when she learns how serious Justin is about Alyssa. For Justin to be flaunting his red-hot relationship with Alyssa will be the last thing Britney would want to hear.”

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3 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano Successfully Sinks Hooks Into Timberlake

  1. Jessyta says:

    Who wants to start making bets how long this will last? Do i have anyone for 2 more weeks? Maybe a month? lol…just kidding…all i have to say is…well, nothing. Great for them. Alyssa is a stalker and Justin is a dumbass. (ignore that if you don’t agree with me because i don’t wanna make anyone mad!

  2. Mia says:

    Alyssa has sued websites putting REAL pictures of her skank self on the web. Don’t get naked in movies if you are so concerned. Of course she needs Justin, since Shannen Doherty left Charmed its been moved to three different nights and crashed in the ratings. People have long since forgotten about Who’s the Boss. Of course Justin is an idiot, so ….

  3. sweetcheeks says:

    I agree…to an extent. We can’t really judge how long IT will last because there really isn’t an IT to discuss. They’re just casually dating, not really in a relationship or anything. (Ok, I will ignore that last comment!! lol)’

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