Amanda Latona Comments On New York Times Feature

checked in with fans on her official Yahoo group following her big write-up in the New York Times. Latona said, “Ya know when I went in to this interview, I was kinda expecting (but not really ya know) that the reporter might give a version of the story that’s not really the way I said it, or told it, or heck, did it. And through this I’ve learned that you can’t always be happy with every word that’s printed about you, (I guess it’s a good lesson to learn now right?) lol. My main concern was that everyone (and I know you guys do) knows that I sing what I want to and wear what I want to, and my opinions and input mean EVERYTHING to J-Records, and always has. We work together as a team and in no way has anyone tried to make me something im not. I’ve always made the decisions for myself.”

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