American Idol Host Feuding With Kathy Griffin?

TV Guide Online chatted with host Ryan Seacrest after his on-stage bust-up with comedian Kathy Griffin at the American Music Awards earlier this month. Asked about Griffin’s assault claims in the press, Seacrest said, “Whatever she may have said afterwards, she must have slept on it and decided to change her mind whole-heartedly about it.” As for Griffin’s gay comeback, Seacrest said, “It didn’t bother me at all, but it was so not original. I’ve heard that [same joke] for the last six years.”

Randy Jackson Responds To Idol Put-Downs

January 28, 2003 – B. J. Sigesmund of Newsweek spoke with ‘American Idol’ judge Randy Jackson, who responded to how some of the contestants for the hit reality show say harsh things about him in front of the cameras and if he’s hurt by it. “This is what honesty gets you. People [those auditioning] will say, ‘God, you’re fat!’ I say, ‘No kidding – are you sure?’ People are nuts, man,” Jackson said. “There was one kid on the Tuesday night show that said, ‘I don’t care about these judges. I hate these judges. Randy, he’s fat. Simon’s an asshole, Paula, you’re just plain.’ And we’re like, ‘Oh, God, we’re so hurt.’ We’re just trying to be honest with people. But they get mad because we’re being honest with them. We’re industry professionals. I think karaoke has done the record industry a huge disservice.” The full story at has since been removed.

Fox Rakes In With ‘American Idol’

January 26, 2003 – The New York Post is exposing the truth behind reality television shows, including ‘American Idol’. They say while the show is cheap to make, the rewards are huge. Coca-Cola, AT&T and Ford are paying huge rates – between $15 million and $20 million – to be the principal sponsors of “American Idol 2.” And lesser sponsors are paying $1 million to $5 million. In return they get Coke cups on the desks, on-screen credits and a certain number of ad slots.

Marine Gets Iraq Reprieve For ‘American Idol’ Bid

January 26, 2003 – The New York Post reports Lance Cpl. Josh Gracin, 21, who was slated to be deployed with his unit in Kuwait in the coming days, has gotten an exeption from Marine brass to appear on ‘American Idol’. Brenda Gracin, of Westland, Michigan, said “higher authorities” intervened. “‘American Idol’ had to work with Washington to get Josh out of the deployment,” says his mother, Brenda Gracin.

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