American Idols Are Idling On Radio Playlists

Taylor J. is music director at KSLZ–FM (Z107.7), spoke with the St. Louis Post Dispatch about the trouble most of the ‘American Idol’ stars are having trying to break onto the radio market, except for Kelly Clarkson. Regarding the singles from and Ruben Studdard, Taylor J. says, “We’re not touching those songs. That Ruben song is good, but it completely doesn’t work with what we’re doing. Neither does the Clay song. The songs aren’t compatible with everything else that’s going on.” And Kelly’s on screen partner Justin Guarini? “It was really unfortunate timing for him. The movie bombed, and, the same week, they wanted his song to break.” She was also disappointed with RCA’s choice of first singles for Ruben and Clay. “The singles were disappointing. We were hoping what was produced out of the second ‘Idols’ would be closer to Kelly,” she said. “It’s beyond me why the producers and record companies aren’t trying to do the same thing.”

Prefers To Be Unknown

August 14, 2003 – Kelly tells Globe magazine she prefers to remain unknown, though that’s become nearly impossible since she won the hit Fox television show. “I kind of like it when people don’t know who I am,” Clarkson admits. “That way I can just sit and talk to them. With some artists, they think you’re being fake or something. And I never want people to think that about me.”

Ryan Seacrest Liked Both Ruben Studdard &

August 8, 2003 – ‘American Idol’ host Ryan Seacrest stopped by the Larry King Show on Thursday to talk about his new talk show starting in January, ‘Idol’, and his radio gig. Asked if he wanted Ruben Studdard or Clay Aiken to win the show’s second season, Seacrest responded, “I like both those guys. And I know it sounds like a cop out. It was such a tight race at the end of season two, could have been anybody’s win. I think Reuben is deserving but what I liked about what happened out of season two of ‘American Idol,’ is that both of these guys have become very successful. Released singles on the top of the charts and are both releasing albums.” Check out the entire interview by skipping through Ann Coulter’s interview in the first half hour at

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One thought on “American Idols Are Idling On Radio Playlists

  1. Stallion says:

    I haven’t heard Clay Aiken single on the radio yet but the only time I hear Ruben Studdard song on the radio is only on the RNB station. They don’t even play flying with out wing they just play the other song that is on his cd. But from what I understand Clay did had the number one single for a week or something like that. I feel bad for that Justin guy. I haven’t heard any of his single on the radio. I listen to one of his song off his CD the song written by Brain McKnight condition of my heart and that song is awesome. If and when I do buy Justin CD it will be for that song. I only heard the radio play Justin single one time on the radio and that was last night.

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