American Sales Slump = 3 Million A HIT

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ANYONE with any common sense knows that CD sales are way down in America over the last 4 years. On this board there seems to be people who do not understand this. These days if ANY Artist, (whether it be Britney or not) is LUCKY to have 3 million in sales for any album they put out. is one of the biggest rock bands in the world right now, topping out @ 3 million copies in the US. Gretchen Wilson is one of music’s biggest new stars, and her album is @ 2.5 million on its last single. The list of 3 million sellers goes on and on. Britney Spears, like her or loathe her is still an American chart topper.

Have each have her albums sold less than the last one? Absolutely! But considering MOST of her Teen POP contemporaries are dead and gone, and Mrs. Federline is still selling 5 years later, says something. Yes there are always going to be HUGE sellers (USHER (blah), etc.)

ALSO: Greatest Hits Packages are NEVER included in artist’s tallies. Greatest hits are merely a way to get people who wouldn’t normally buy the artists album. The greatest hits albums sales are generally tracked over time. Look at example Madonna’s GHV2. It was a disappointment @ under a million copies for its 1st year of release, but in the years after has sold an additional 1.25 million. And in over 10 years Immaculate Collection is the only Greatest Hits Collections to see over 15 million copies.

So bottom line: DON’T go counting Mrs. Federline (or Ms Aguilera for that matter) out, just yet. With a nice break out of the spotlight, a killer new track when she comes back, and slight image re-haul…she could Mos Def pump up sales. And her GH’s package is selling better than a lot of first run new albums!

3 million is nothing to shake a stick at my friends.

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