Amie Miriello, Amy Lee Friendship Forged From Disdain Of Music Industry

spoke with LAist in a Q&A, where the singer, who has toured with artists such as Gavin DeGraw and Teddy Geiger, and who is friends with Amy Lee of Evanescence, was asked about some of the best advice you’ve received from other musicians. “Amy’s a really free spirit. I don’t think she really gives a sh** about that kind of stuff,” Amie responded. “We actually became friends recently and we connected because we’re so sick of everything having to do with this industry right now. We’re so sick of what is considered to be cool and hot. I think that the best advice that any of them have given me is just to not think about that stuff and not be persuaded to change so that I can be more what people think is cool—slutty or poppy or anything. None of the people who really make it who are truly cool ever let themselves be something that they aren’t. I think I kind of did for a while, and now I really don’t want to. I think that pop has been given a negative connotation over time, but the essence of pop is just popular music. I think that if you put that in context, it’s a positive thing. I try to remember that.” Read more.

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