Amie Miriello Checks In After Attending ‘Pal Joey’ Opening Night

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amiemiriello) on Friday (December 12). The Stamford, Connecticut singer songwriter tells readers:

So I went to opening night of Pal Joey (last night) on Broadway, staring my bestest friend Matt Risch! He was so amazing it cannot be explained in words. There were all these famous actors and Directors sitting all around us, and after the show at the after party it was amazing to see all of these important people kissing his ass!!! YES! It made me really happy.

Afterwards some of us went to this club (hate most clubs) and it was pretty much the most god awful experience ever. The people at those places make me wanna barf. I swear to god every girl on the bathroom line with me was 6’2, in need of a pizza, and cracked out on something… I was the only girl in the whole place that had any meat on her bones (I am not lying… the only one). For once instead of making me insecure about not being super skinny… it made me feel hotter and sexier!!!

Ladies…woman bodies are beautiful!!!! I am learning finally to love mine


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